June 2012

Read this month’s installment of Dear Dennis, our monthly public letter to Senator DeConcini informing him of the most recent examples of his company’s unscrupulous and exploitative practices.

CCA in the News, June 2012

How America’s Largest Private Prison Operator Plans to Beat Corporate Income Taxes

This article reports that CCA is looking into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) conversion in order to avoid paying taxes. This little sleight of hand would allow CCA to “borrow cash from shareholders without any real intention of ever paying it back.” The article speculates that this is a desperate move on the part of a corporation in decline: “CCA is scrambling and investors know it.”

Crete Trustees Reject Detention Center Plan

This details the unanimous vote against CCA’s proposed immigrant detention center in Crete, IL. The best part about this article is the accompanying photograph, in which two white, middle-class-looking older folks are holding signs with slogans like, “Prisons for profit? Not here in Crete.”

Another Family Blames Dawson State Jail for Inmate Death

This story profiles two deaths of female prisoners in the CCA-operated jail that are the result of medical neglect. A 30-year old woman died just six weeks before she was due to be released of untreated pneumonia. The other was serving a one-year sentence and her family believes she died because she did not receive adequate treatment for her diabetes. The reporting on these incidents has prompted over 20 former inmates to contact the reporter to come forward about the lack of medical care in the jail.

ICE Pulls Plug on Immigration Detention Center in Southwest Ranches

As in Crete, the local community came together in opposition to the proposal. One resident was quoted as saying, “It was not a very popular idea here…In fact, that’s understating it. It was a dreaded idea.”

By The Numbers: The US’s Growing For-Profit Detention Industry

This short piece by ProPublica lays out some interesting statistics, including how much CCA spent on lobbying over the last 10 years ($17.4 million) and how much money it’s CEO made last year (a cool $3.7 million).

Why Private Prisons Will Lock Up Your Returns

The Motley Fool, a financial blog, advises against investing in for-profit prison corporations like CCA: “…a critical look at the failings and financial fudging of these corporations reveals several reasons why this sector is destined for destruction.” Ouch. Better get out while you can, Mr. DeConcini!


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