May 2012

Read this month’s installment of Dear Dennis, our monthly public letter to Senator DeConcini informing him of the most recent examples of his company’s unscrupulous and exploitative practices.

CCA in the News, May 2012

America’s Top Prison Corporation: A Study in Predatory Capitalism and Cronyism. 

This article from Truthout takes aim at the letters CCA sent to 48 US Governors offering to buy their prisons, provided that they guarantee to keep them at 90% occupancy.  It also exposes the “revolving door” between the public and private sectors that CCA and other prison corporations use to garner influence at all levels of government.  It mentions you by name!

CCA Prison Rape Shareholder Resolution Gains Almost 20% of Voting Shares

This article refers to the CCA Shareholder Resolution introduced by former prisoner Alex Friedman, which would require CCA to issue biannual reports detailing the corporation’s efforts to reduce sexual assault in its facilities.  You, and other members of the Board, opposed the resolution.  While it did not pass, it did gain an impressive one in six of voting shares.  According to the SEC, just a 3% favorable shareholder vote is enough to reintroduce a resolution the following year.  We hope that if and when this issue comes up again, you will support it.

Former Prison Worker Recalls ‘Unsafe’ Situation

This is an analysis of the conditions that led to a huge riot in a Mississippi CCA prison in May.  Nineteen people were injured in the riot, which lasted several hours.  The article lays responsibility for the incident squarely at the feet of CCA, which mismanaged the facility:

“The big problem is CCA tries to cut corners in every possible way.  They short-staff, they don’t fix equipment, and things just get more and more out of control, that’s what leads to these riots.  It’s just about maximizing short term profits.”

Judge OKs Prison Tax; CCA Owes City $1.3M 

CCA and the town of Youngstown, Ohio, have been battling over the responsibility of the corporation to pay its share of taxes.  This article reports on a judge’s ruling that the town was within its rights to tax the company, and that CCA therefore owes Youngstown about $1.3 million in back-taxes.  CCA vowed to appeal the decision.

The ‘Sunk Costs’ of a Profit-Driven Prison System 

Finally, this article from Al Jazeera looks at the role of CCA in ICE detention, and specifically concerns about conditions in detention centers in Georgia, which were the subject of a recent ACLU report.  That report cited “serious concerns about violations of detainees’ due process rights, inadequate living conditions, inadequate medical and mental health care, and abuse of power by those in charge.”  The findings are remarkably similar to those in a report the ACLU published on conditions in CCA and ICE detention centers here in Arizona.


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