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Flashmob at U of A: Down, Down DeConcini Step Down!


Arizona Daily Wildcat: DeConcini’s ties to CCA calls credibility of regents into question

Guest Column: DeConcini’s ties to CCA calls credibility of regents into question Has anyone ever heard of the Arizona Board of Regents? The Board of Regents is an undemocratically appointed group with the license to oversee all three state colleges in Arizona. This board makes decisions that affect us students every day, from tuition increases … Continue reading

Fuerza!: The Fight Against SB 1070 and the Prison Industry in Arizona

On June 25, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its ruling on the constitutionality of Arizona’s infamous SB 1070, leaving intact Section 2(b), which significantly expands police authority to check Arizonan’s papers. National civil rights groups have now asked a lower court to block Section 2(b) on Fourth Amendment and Equal Protection grounds, but the provision … Continue reading

Associated Press: Immigrants Prove Big Business for Prison Companies

A recent Associated Press article describing prison industry profiteering on immigrantscommunities was picked up by outlets across the country, including the USA Today and ABC News. The article describes the “seismic shift” which has occurred over the past ten years and has seen the immigration detention system shift toward wholesale privatization. This massive increase in … Continue reading

Louisiana Incarcerated: How we built the world’s prison capital–The Times Picayune

Check out the recent eight part series released by New Orleans Time Picayune on how recent overhauls in Louisana’s prison policy has created financial incentives for politicians to fill up prison beds. Below is an excerpt of on article from the series. Article is reposted from NOLA.com.   North Louisiana family is a major force … Continue reading

The People of Arizona Won’t Comply With Hate – COLORLINES

by Mónica Novoa Tuesday, June 26 2012, 9:18 AM EST Reposted from Colorlines.org Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling to uphold the “show me your papers” provision in the case of Arizona v. the United States leaves Latinos and people of color in the state — and any other state where a similar law might spring up … Continue reading

View All 12 Episodes of Cuéntame’s “Immigrants For Sale” Documentary

Cuéntame has released a powerful twelve part documentary on the private prison industry and detention. From Cuéntame‘s website: “Immigrants For Sale is a ground-breaking online documentary series that goes inside the private immigrant detention industry, through the lens of those most impacted, the players behind the trade and the multi-billion dollar profits that fuel it … Continue reading

Huffington Post: Private Prisons Profit From Immigration Crackdown, Federal And Local Law Enforcement Partnerships

Below is a must-read article on the connection between immigration law, the incarceration of families, the private prison industry, and profits. PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. — On a flat and desolate stretch of Interstate 10 some 50 miles south of Phoenix, a sheriff’s deputy pulls over a green Chevy Tahoe speeding westbound and carrying three young … Continue reading

Pictures from April 24 Press Conference

Here are some pictures from our press conference and vigil on April 24, 2012, the week that SB1070 was debated in the Supreme Court. Also, check out more beautiful photos from Chris Summitt Photography.

Tuesday, April 24: Protest DeConcini’s Prison Profiteering!

On Tuesday, former Senator Dennis DeConcini will testify against SB1070 before the US Senate.  But DeConcini is on the Board of Directors for Corrections Corporation of America, the nation’s largest private prison corporation, which manages immigrant detention centers across the US, including several here in Arizona. CCA and other private prison corporations stand to profit … Continue reading