The Campaign


Historically, prisons have served to punish; to exploit the labor of CCA facilityprisoners; to produce corporate profit and to control our communities. Today, incarcerating migrant communities and communities of color is a rapidly-expanding multi-billion dollar industry that generates enormous profit for private prison companies. The prison industry has proved itself willing to exploit hatred and racism to fill its jails and turn a profit. Most recently, the industry’s strategy has relied upon promoting legislation that criminalizes migrant communities and funnels more people into private prisons and detention centers. The resulting policies are depriving countless thousands of people of their liberty, separating our families and devastating our communities.


We have chosen to fight back against the prison industry’s attacks on our communities.  The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is the undisputed leader of the private corrections industry in the U.S. and the chief beneficiary of anti-migrant laws and the criminalization of migrant communities.

We are targeting CCA with a campaign to raise public awareness about the vicious exploitation that defines the private prison industry. We aim to bring attention to the injustice of the private prison industry through the media, educational campaigns, community outreach and alliance building.

Specifically, we are urging Tucson resident and former U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini to resign from the CCA Board of Directors. As a CCA Board member and shareholder, DeConcini is benefiting directly from the mass incarceration of our communities. If DeConcini wishes to live up to his public statements in support of immigrant rights, he should immediately resign from the CCA Board and denounce the company’s practices of profiteering and exploitation.


Given the historical purpose of prisons and their role in producing social inequalities, we seriously question the need for any prisons. We know that our communities will never improve through ever-expanding incarceration. Our communities improve when leaders listen to the people and when we unite behind the real priorities of education, health, housing and employment. We seek an end to private prisons and immigration detention.


We imagine a world where there is no distinction of races, where there are no detentions, no oppression, no discrimination and no exploitation. We want a world where there is equality for all and where everyone is free.


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