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CCA Offers to Buy State Prisons in Exchange for Long-Term Contracts

A recent article in the Huffington Post reports that CCA has approached the governors of 48 states with an offer to buy and manage existing state prisons. As part of its Corrections Investment Initiative, CCA has earmarked $250 million for purchasing and managing government-owned correctional facilities. In exchange for purchasing prisons from cash-strapped states, CCA demands a minimum twenty-year management contract and agency assurances that the inmate population will never fall below 90% of capacity.

This latest effort to claim a greater share of the state prison population is a clear example of CCA’s prioritization of fresh revenue streams over sound public policy and community well-being. In response to CCA’s proposal, the American Civil Liberties Union and a broad coalition of groups has published a letter asserting that “the requirement to keep a large prison 90% full for twenty years would pose an obstacle to more serious criminal justice reform” and that “selling off prisons to CCA would be a tragic mistake…[and] an invitation to fiscal irresponsibility, prisoner abuse, and decreased public safety. It should promptly be declined.”

CCA’s manipulation of public policy in pursuit of new inmates, whether non-citizen immigration detainees or state prisoners, has dire consequences for the public and for those held in the company’s facilities. We oppose CCA’s profiteering whomever it targets to fill its prison beds.


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